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We assist international trading companies in all aspects of their day-to-day activities. Our aim is to make your trading experience as easy and beneficial as possible. We can support your company, using our specialist knowledge, through our services.

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Study & Development

Through our extensive range of business contact we are able to provide study and development assistance on a number of topics. We have access to an extensive portfolio of program developers who are able to conduct study and development analysis in relation to a variety of production systems. If you feel that we can be of assistance to you, please use the contact details to let us know.

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In a world where today's software is out of date tomorrow, you need a company which has contacts at the forefront of technology.  We have such contacts.  We are uniquely placed in the market to provide our customers with a high level of insight on future development opportunities, based upon extensive research and analysis of market trends.

Not only can we assist you in the way forward for your business, we can also provide you with your software and hardware requirements. From routers to control boards, from transceivers to interfaces, to the latest operating systems, we can provide the most up-to-date products.

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Market Research

In today's ever-changing EU market, the need for expert guidance is imperative.  Through internal management as well as through our tested partners, we can answer your questions and help support you in your Market Research activities. 


We specialise in:

  • Readability testing in English, Nordic and Western European languages.

  • Label creation.

  • Translation into any of the European languages from any of the European languages.

  • Expert services.

  • Dossier and document conversion.

Business Introduction

We have long standing business links to several industries including:

  • Software development

  • Communication and Networking 

  • Artificial Intelligence, Computer programming

Through our business relationships, we can open the door for service providers who wish to gain contracts in these industries. Our service includes coaching our clients in relation to changing market requirements as well as the business etiquette of the industry they wish to enter.

We also offer agent sales services. Our sales department has access to leading decision makers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and steel industries in Europe.

We can provide introductions and lead screening for your company. Our sales agents will forward to you lists of qualified leads which have been introduced to and expressed an interest in your services.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce.

Intellectual property is divided into two categories:

  • Industrial property, which includes inventions (patents), trademarks, industrial designs and geographic indications of source.

  • Copyright, which includes literary and artistic works such as novels, poems and plays, films, musical works, artistic works such as drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures and architectural designs. Rights related to copyright include those of performing artists in their performances, producers of phonograms in their recordings and those of broadcasters in their radio and television programs.

We have significant expertise in the area of intellectual property and can assist you with:

  • Registering patents

  • Intellectual property due diligence

  • Patent, copyright and trade secret issues

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